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 How To Spot A Moving Scam

Avoid The Scams!Avoid The Scams!How easy would it be to set up a moving scam? Imagine this: how often do people move? About every five years, on average. How often do they move across town? Not often. Has anyone ever used the same moving company twice? A business may set up a scam, give a customer an extremely low quote, and then lose your goods, damage them… or even sell your valuables on Ebay.


Moving scams are reaching epidemic proportions nationwide. The Better Business Bureau reported almost 9,000 complaints last year, with most claiming damaged items or having to pay a price much higher than the estimate.


As the Better Business Bureau begins cracking down on these scams nationwide, it’s important to be aware and look out for the warning signs that a moving scam is coming your way. Both at the website or phone call stage, and then the inspection stage, you can use these tips to try and identify a moving scam.


Before You Meet

Do your homework on the Internet. The Better Business Bureau recommends several sites that blacklist movers in your area, exposing them as scams. If the website advertises obscenely low moving prices, then be on the defensive—don’t call them.


Some good resources for finding scams related to any particular company (always use your best judgement and take all of these "reviews" with a grain of salt as not all are true/valid):



Once you call a mover, you want to schedule an onsite inspection. Do not hire a mover without an onsite inspection. A good moving company wants an accurate assessment of the logistics of your move, and will charge you by the volume of items moved, as well as the mileage. If a mover offers to move you, but requires a huge deposit, pass on them and move on to the next option.


Verify how the mover will replace your goods in the event that they’re damaged or lost. If there’s no guarantee offered to you in writing, then you are talking to the wrong mover.


If your mover passes the above tests, then the final evaluation comes with the onsite inspection.


During the Onsite Inspection

The inspection is another key method of determining your ideal moving company. When the inspector arrives, you want to pay close attention to two things. First, observe how thoroughly the inspector does his or her job. The inspector should be opening all the cabinets, trying to get a complete picture of the amount of work ahead for the company. He or she should be trying to figure out how many movers will be paid to move your home, what size truck needs to be brought in, etc. Secondly, you want to trust the moving inspector. There really is something to trusting your gut when evaluating a company that will lay hands on nearly all of your possessions.


As you take that leap of faith in choosing a moving company, remember to practice the above steps both before you meet the mover, and during the inspection. In addition, get no less than three separate inspection quotes, and make sure the moving company offers a written guarantee of estimate. Using these tips, you should have no problem avoiding a moving scam.