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Budget Your Move Budget Your Move How To Budget Your Move

Whether you’re moving across town, relocating to another state, or leaving the United States for a home overseas, it’s difficult to completely predict how much your move is going to cost. With a great plan and budget, though, you can eliminate worry and plan ahead for those uncertain expenses.

The Cost of Leaving

How much is it going to cost to get out of your home? Consider those final utility expenses. Will there be any service fees to end a contract? What will be the costs associated with shutting off water, power, cable, internet, etc.?

Now, predict the cost of repairs and cleaning your home. Overestimate. Getting your deposit back is a great motivator—and budget saver—to put in that extra elbow grease and get your old home squeaky clean.


The Cost of Moving

In a general sense, you will always spend more on the move than you think. As you interview and select long distance moving companies, don’t forget to acquire three estimates from different companies. Carefully review them to verify your financial obligations and ensure you’re not getting scammed. Don’t forget to factor moving insurance into that as well.

With the moving company as your largest expense, calculate the cost of packing. Where will you get boxes, tape, label markers and other moving supplies? Then estimate your gas costs. How much gas will you put into the moving truck, as well as your own vehicle?

Finally, make a food budget. Will you be feeding friends that come over to help you move? How much do you plan on spending on food as you travel to your new home?

The Cost of Arriving

Find out how much you’ll spend getting utilities turned on at your new home. Are you looking at paying a deposit fee for your new home? In addition, don’t forget to budget food again. You’ll probably be eating take out or pizza the first day.

Budget Extra

Take your budget and add ten percent to the bottom line for those expenses you can’t predict. Padding your budget will give you that added security in the event that you’re faced with some hidden bill