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Planning Your Move To Save Money

Moving is strenuous enough; budgeting for a move can be panic attack-inducing. Movers, moving trucks, boxes, packing, gas—you always spend more than you think. However, it’s possible to cut costs during the moving process. If you’re committed to getting rid of everything you don’t need, planning your move down to the last detail, and packing yourself, then you’re in for a smooth move that won’t leave a smoking crater where your budget used to be.


Get Rid of Everything You Can

If you’re a pack rat, it’s costing you money. Conversely, there’s nothing like the refreshing feeling of removing clutter from your life: save cash and make sure unused items don’t make it onto the moving truck. The internet age has made it easy to get rid of things—Ebay, Craigslist, yard sales, charitable donations, and gifts for friends are all fantastic ways to de-clutter your life, save money, and spread good karma.


Plan Ahead

Plan carefully and budget with an eagle eye--your move will be far less costly than you think. No, you can’t budget for every contingency. Yes, the unthinkable happens, and you should budget for that. Planning ahead will give you a clear picture of the logistics of your move, and help you determine just how big of a hole it’s going to cut out of your budget. The earlier you book those movers, the more you will save—there’s nothing a moving company enjoys more than writing up a price at the last minute for a rush job. Schedule your utility shut-offs ahead: choosing the proper date will save cash.  


Do It Yourself

Save time, save labor, and save money by doing as much of the move as you can on your own. Move items in your car before you rent the moving truck. Get boxes from grocery stores and pack your books, utensils, and clothes before the movers arrive. Maybe you can even accomplish the move without having to rent a truck.


By economizing your stuff, planning ahead, and doing as much labor as you can yourself, it’s easy to save money during the costly moving process. Follow the tips above to de-stress your pocketbook and make your move as smooth as possible.