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Creative Ways To Cushion Your Belongings

Protect Your BelongingsProtect Your BelongingsAre you looking to save money on expensive, high-grade packing supplies for your move? Over the years, movers and frequently-relocating families have discovered a number of tricks for keeping their fragile items safe during moving. Scraps of packing supplies often prove very useful, and many items such as blankets and towels, which you have to move anyway, can replace bubble wrap and box dividers.


Use Unusable Boxes

If you have moving boxes with rips or missing panels, don’t throw them out! Cut cardboard pieces off, fold them together, and tape them closed to create spacers that can fit perfectly between delicate pottery, art, or china pieces. Place small, cut pieces of cardboard between stacked dishes to avoid jostling and breaking. Other leftover packing materials can also serve as padding, so don’t throw anything out until you are absolutely sure it can’t serve a purpose somewhere.


Towels and Rags

Don’t pack all your kitchen and bathroom towels in a box! You can use them to wrap fragile items to give them a safe, clean, generous cushion that costs nothing in packing materials.


Pillows and Blankets

For large pieces of furniture, use blankets and pillows that you already own to protect wood surfaces and sharp corners. A little tape can secure a blanket in place during the move and can be quickly removed without leaving residue.