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Kids and Moving

Kids And MovingKids And MovingPacking up all your possessions and moving them to a new home is a huge undertaking. If you have young children, the project becomes even more exciting and more difficult. Kids sometimes find it hard to understand why they must move, or even exactly what moving means. On moving day, they can feel “left out” while their parents are involved in packing, loading, and unpacking at the new location. With some preparation ahead of time and an effort to include the kids in the moving process, you can make moving day an enjoyable one for the whole family.


No Surprises

The earlier you begin talking to your kids about moving, the more time they have to get used to the idea. Kids have lots of questions about moving that you may not think of, and if you talk about it ahead of time, you can answer those questions before the move begins. If you have the opportunity to do so, it is a great idea to take your kids to the new house and show them their new rooms, the backyard, etc. Get them excited about the move, and their anxiety will turn to eager anticipation.


Include Kids in Packing

Make your kids feel important by giving them tasks leading up to moving day. Kids can pack their own toys and clothes into boxes, taking a small burden off the parents and keeping young ones busy at the same time. This helps kids to understand that they are not being left out of the action, but rather that relocating is a project for everyone in the family to contribute to.


Moving Day Options

While older children can actually help with packing, loading, and unloading on moving day, it is important to understand that younger children sometimes not only impede progress, but can be placed in dangerous situations by being underfoot during the moving of heavy furniture moving, or by wandering out an open door while adults are busy. If no one is available to give a young child plenty of attention on moving day, it may be best to plan for a babysitter.  


Settling In

When everything is successfully moved into your new home, your kids will still need plenty of encouragement, and perhaps some reassurance during the first few bedtimes. Help them quickly unpack all their familiar toys, posters, furniture, and clothes in their rooms to remind them that things are back to normal, and that the new house is now home.