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How To Tell Everyone About Your Move

Notifying Your Contacts Notifying Your Contacts Many families who have recently moved find themselves playing “catch-up” when it comes to telling friends and family about their new address. The word-of-mouth system is rather ineffective for transferring new contact information, as street numbers and zip codes easily get mixed up in the process. You may not even know that a special family member does not know your new address until they receive a returned Christmas or birthday card that they sent to your old address. With a little planning ahead and concentrated effort, you can avoid these issues and make sure that everyone knows how to get in touch with you at your new home.


Make a List

Start making a list of everyone you need to notify of your new address far in advance of your move. You are bound to forget a few names at first, and as you remember them over the next few days and weeks, you can add them to the list. Other than the obvious family members and church friends, remember to include your children’s friends, former and current neighbors, old school and college friends, and anyone else that you might correspond with on an infrequent basis.


Notify Everyone At Once

Rather than simply giving your new address “the next time you talk to” each person on your list, make a concentrated effort to send out a single batch of emails or letters to everyone at once. This may seem like it takes more time in the short run, but you will avoid letting anyone fall through the cracks, and it is also easier to make sure that you pass on accurate information if you notify everyone at the same time. After you move, you may want to send a second batch of notifications to remind anyone that may have misplaced their first one. If you are widely connected through a social media website, that can also serve as a quick way to notify lots of acquaintances, although you should always be cautious about posting personal information like your address on a public forum.


Make It Easy To Remember

We all know how easy it is to absentmindedly forget an email or misplace a note about someone’s new address. Consider making a small business card-sized notification with an attractive font and perhaps a photo of the family at the new house. The more memorable the reminder is, the greater the chance your new address will make it into the recipient’s records. You might even find yourself receiving housewarming gifts in the mail at your new address!