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Choosing A Community:
Finding A New Neighborhood

Choosing The Right Neighborhood Choosing The Right Neighborhood Moving to a new city, state, or even country carries a huge number of decisions, and one of the most important is choosing what neighborhood you will be a part of. There are many considerations, some of which are universal and some of which are different based on your family’s needs. A good realtor is an essential partner in finding out about an area’s neighborhoods, and with today’s advances in Internet technology, you can easily do your own research on local communities without even visiting them.


Criteria For A Great New Neighborhood

Any person wants their new home to be in a safe, clean, beautiful location. If you have a family with young children, you may want to add a nearby playground, highly rated schools, and other young families to your list of desired features. If you are a single looking for excitement, an urban location with plenty of nearby nightlife activity might be higher on your list. If retirement is your purpose for moving, you might be looking for a safe, gated subdivision, a close-knit community of others your age, and proximity to a great golf course.

Researching Potential Communities

Whatever your criteria, a good real estate agent can tell you about local neighborhoods and help you visit them. There’s nothing like walking around a neighborhood yourself, talking with folks in their yards, and getting a firsthand look at daily life to get an accurate picture of how a neighborhood works. If you are unable to spend a lot of time visiting in person, or want to maximize the effectiveness of a future visit, you can do some research online. Local community centers, official city websites, and real estate offices are all great places to start asking questions, reviewing crime rate data, investigating the success of local schools, and even taking a look at neighborhoods themselves with the technology of Google’s “street view” feature.


Location, Location, Location

Any realtor or experienced home buyer will tell you that the actual house you buy is only as satisfying as its surroundings. A photo of a house online can make it look fantastic, but if it is located next to a busy railroad, it may not be the ideal home for your family. Spending the time to gather information about the other families in a neighborhood as well as local attractions and facilities is definitely worth the trouble, and is actually easier than ever if you have access to the many valuable resources online.