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Green Ways To Reuse Packing Materials

Reuse Your Moving MaterialsReuse Your Moving MaterialsInstead of putting bags of used paper and piles of cardboard moving boxes out by the curb for the trash collector, incorporate your used packing supplies into your new home. While some possibilities are immediately obvious, others you might not think of. Anything you can do to reuse your moving supplies for other purposes reduces the carbon footprint of your move and gives you the opportunity to help the environment in an important way.


Future Shipping Projects

High quality shipping supplies are expensive, and if you have packing paper, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap left over from your move, it is worth the trouble of packing them inside some used cardboard boxes and storing them away. The next time you send a special package through the mail or need to protect a fragile gift while it is wrapped, save yourself money by reusing your slightly used moving supplies.


If you have enough space in the storage areas of your new home, save as many variously sized cardboard boxes as possible. Your next shipping project will be far easier and cheaper if you already have a perfectly sized box for it.


Organized Storage

Why purchase expensive plastic bins when you already have plenty of sturdy, free storage solutions? By storing seasonal clothing, old books, holiday decorations, and hazardous outdoor materials in moving boxes, they will be easy to find and carry later on. Cardboard has the added advantage of being a disposable container that can be thrown away if ruined by leaking paint or chemicals.


Creative Uses

Packing peanuts absorb water, making them an ideal addition to potted plants to reduce overflowing. The imagination of children transforms simple packing supplies into endless entertainment and craft possibilities. Finally, U-Haul and other moving supply companies have created online forums in which you can connect with people who are planning to move and need used materials.