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Recycling Your Used Moving Materials

Please Recycle Used MaterialsPlease Recycle Used MaterialsOnce the move is finally complete and you are relaxing in your new home, you have one more big task to complete: disposing of a mountain of empty used moving boxes and a seemingly endless trail of crumpled packing paper or newspaper. Both the environment and your new trash collector would benefit from your decision to recycle all those paper products rather than throwing them away.


What Is Recyclable?

While most of your packing supplies are recyclable, some are not. If at all possible, you should remove the packing tape from boxes before recycling them. Many recycling centers do not accept packing peanuts, but there are a number of other solutions for them (see below).


Traditional Recycling

Most communities now have a local recycling center, where you can pull up your car, open the trunk, and drop off your materials. It is a good idea to pack used paper into trash bags if possible, and you will need to flatten cardboard boxes before they will fit inside your vehicle.


Creative Recycling

You may be surprised at the many alternatives available to you when finding a way to dispose of used packing supplies. Of course, other families that are planning to move would be happy to come to your home and pick up still-usable boxes and packing paper. You can even use your boxes yourself to keep your new storage areas organized. If you need to get rid of your boxes quickly, moving companies will usually accept them as long as they are still usable. Packing peanuts, which are notoriously tricky to get rid of, are always welcome as donations to local mailing and shipping stores. Also, more companies are switching to biodegradable packing peanuts made from grain, so you may be able to simply compost your peanuts. Check with your moving company to find out if the peanuts they use are eco-friendly.