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Shipping Options For Small Shipments

Small Shipment Shipping OptionsSmall Shipment Shipping OptionsIf your move includes shipping certain items ahead of time or having them shipped to you after your move is complete, you have a number of options available. Your choice will depend on the size and weight of your shipment; its value; the desired shipping speed; and the destination state or country of the package.


Size and Weight

Shipping small items like documents, books, toys, or clothing is best done through the U.S. Postal Service or a shipping company that specializes in smaller shipments. These moving companies typically offer a variety of box sizes and packing services at low cost.


If your item is a piece of furniture, a large television, or a large container of small moving boxes, the better option is a service that focuses on large, heavy shipments. If you wrap or package these items yourself, a small moving service will pick them up at your home so that you do not have to transport them in your own vehicle.



Small move companies offer insurance on your shipment as a matter of course. You do have the option of using a different insurance provider, but obviously the paperwork is slightly more complicated. The process for insuring your items through the postal service or a shipping company like UPS is very simple, as long as you specify your insurance preferences at the time that you ship your package.


Shipping Speed

If you plan ahead to ship items that you will need right away, you can save a substantial amount of money. One-day and two-day shipments cost much more than standard shipping, and the prices rise even more if the items are unusually large. However, some items must wait to be shipped until the last minute, so you should research rush shipping costs at different shippers in advance to reduce your expense as much as possible.



If you are shipping internationally, you will find that the price for a single shipping job varies widely between companies. If a shipping company has a central location near your destination, its price will be lower than that of a company that will have to go to more trouble to get your shipment to your new home.


Your options are more limited if you need to ship restricted items like firearms or live plants. The packing and documentation requirements for these items are quite complicated, and to successfully get them to your destination you will probably need the assistance of an agent at a moving company who is familiar with the applicable laws.