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International Shipping Issues

Shipping Internationally Shipping Internationally If you are relocating to another country and moving internationally, it is likely that you will need to ship one or more items to your destination before or after the move itself. Shipping a package internationally is slightly more complicated than shipping it across the U.S., and failure to understand and follow all of your destination country’s regulations will probably result in your package being returned or even confiscated! Each country’s rules are different, so you should check online or talk to an agent at your moving company to make sure that your package complies.


Restricted and Prohibited Items

You probably already know that it is a mistake to try to ship firearms, drugs, alcohol, explosive materials, or other dangerous items across international borders. However, each country has its own list of items that are heavily restricted or prohibited altogether, and many of these items will surprise you. For example, if you are moving to Argentina you may not ship a brand new computer or television into the country.


Complete Documentation

In order to make sure that your shipment makes it through all the inspections it will encounter on its trip, it must be accompanied by all the necessary forms, filled out completely and accurately. The most important of these is the shipping label, which identifies the destination of the package. The invoice, required for all types of packages (excluding documents), is a detailed list of the package’s contents. This list allows officials to calculate the tax, duty, and any other fees applicable to your shipment without opening it. Usually, you need to include multiple copies of the invoice.


If you are moving to a country that uses a different primary language than English, your documentation may need to be in that language. A moving or shipping company can help you with translation services if you are not confident in your ability to accurately fill out the forms yourself.


Weight and Size

The weight of your shipment and the size of the box it fills are the primary factors in your cost of shipping. You will save money in the long run by getting the help of an agent who can assess your load and tell you exactly what kind of container you need. You can hire a moving company to professionally pack your items with high quality supplies, or you can pack them yourself and have the package picked up at your home.