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The Packing Experts

Packing ServicesPacking ServicesMany times, one of the hardest parts of a moving job is packing everything up. Even if you have plenty of moving trucks, trailers, and vans to borrow for transportation, putting everything in cardboard moving boxes and protecting furniture is a difficult task. One solution is to hire a company to pack your items safely, quickly, and in compliance with interstate or international regulations.


How Packing Services Work

Packing your boxes and furniture yourself means buying boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard, tape, and other supplies, or getting used boxes and newspaper for free from sources like grocery stores. Traveling to stores and asking for boxes takes time, and results in a hodgepodge of different sizes and shapes. When you hire a service to pack your belongings, you can count on having all of your furniture protected and all of your items packed in boxes specifically designed to best protect them during shipping. Dishes and fragile pieces are packed in reinforced boxes; clothing is stored in extra-tall boxes so that it can remain on hangers; and the uniformity among boxes mean that they can be loaded onto a truck with maximum efficiency.


Peace of Mind and Quicker Loading

No matter how precious antique furniture or collectibles may be to you, you may not know the best way to prepare them for a move. Shifting boxes and heavy furniture can create dangerous conditions for fragile items, especially on a long trip. Expert packing crews have an eye for anticipating potential damage and avoiding it with extra padding, specialized boxes, and other techniques. When your friends and family arrive to load your boxes onto trucks and trailers, you can have confidence that they will fit together well and that the pieces inside are well padded. You will also find that when you do not have to fit various shaped boxes together like a puzzle, the process is very quick!


Customizing Your Packing Job

Every family and individual’s packing job is different, and you may not want a service to pack all of your possessions. You can choose to pack your clothing and books yourself, for example, but hire a service to prepare your furniture and kitchen for moving. Or, if you own a particularly valuable collection of china, dolls, or pieces of antique furniture, you may want to engage experts to use specialized packing materials and expertise to make sure that it gets to its destination intact.