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Picking It Up and Dropping It Off

Pickup And Delivery ServicesPickup And Delivery ServicesFull service movers take the burden completely off your shoulders, while the traditional friends-and-family moving approach is most affordable. Most relocation jobs, though, fall somewhere in between these two. Unless a company account is paying for a move, most people are not willing to pay for full service, and long distance moves often have free help at only one end! By packing and unpacking your boxes and furniture yourself, you can prepare your home for pickup and delivery by a service that will allow you to complete your move quickly, affordably, and safely.


What is Pickup and Delivery Service?

With pickup and delivery, the customer basically pays a crew to load pre-packed items into a moving truck, drive them to a new home, and unload them. All items to be moved must already be packed in the way that they are going to be transported, and the crew does not unpack anything at the destination site. This approach allows you to use your own packing materials, which are likely far less expensive than those provided by a moving company, and it gives you control over just how things are packed.



Especially on a long distance move, your household moving boxes and furniture can shift during transportation, resulting in damage if the packing is not done correctly. Pickup and delivery crews know how to pack a moving truck safely, making sure that all items are secured and protected. In addition, your load is insured during the trip, a level of protection that you would probably not enjoy if you were driving it yourself. In addition, hiring a service saves you the trouble of renting a truck and returning it at a different location. The most significant advantage to choosing a pickup and delivery moving service, however, is the convenience of having experts load and unload your belongings while you tend to other responsibilities.


Finding Local Services

Moving companies in your local area offer different specific services for different prices. Be sure to get quotes from multiple companies for your unique moving job in order to get the services you need at the price you can afford. If a company has a central location near your destination, it will probably also charge less for your job than another company. When finding quotes, be sure to indicate exactly what responsibilities the movers will have and what packing/unpacking you will do yourself, in order to avoid additional costs and confusion during the moving process.