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Labeling Everything

On moving day, anything that saves time and simplifies the loading and unloading processes is very welcome. One of the best things you can do to expedite your move, especially when many different people are involved, is to generously use labels and stickers to indicate any information that your moving partners should know. This method, while simple and inexpensive, is incredibly effective and has been a favorite with experienced movers for decades. Each label that clearly indicates what a box contains, what room a piece of furniture belongs in, or what vehicle a delicate item should travel in saves precious minutes spent asking questions or hunting for misplaced moving boxes later on.


Moving Labels Can Be Very HelpfulMoving Labels Can Be Very Helpful


Fragile/Handle With Care

Because people generally try to finish the moving job as quickly as possible, boxes sometimes get jostled around in the process. By using a sticker to mark a box that contains glass, china, or other breakable pieces, you can tell the mover to slow down and be sure not to pack the box underneath heavy furniture or other boxes. The chances are that you will not always be available to verbally warn someone that the box he is moving requires special treatment, and professional movers always take fragile labels seriously.


Room Destination Labels

There is nothing a moving labor helper enjoys more than being able to tell immediately where an unloaded box should go in the new house. A great way to streamline the unpacking process even further is to use colored stickers, with a different color representing each room. Place a sticker of the same color on the door or wall of each room, so movers can simply follow the colors. When moving day is over, you will be happy to find that every box and piece of furniture is in the correct room.


Making the Most of Stickers

In order to maximize the effectiveness of whatever label or sticker method you choose, you should use them as uniformly as possible. If a mover has to turn each box around to hunt for its room color sticker, he wastes time and becomes frustrated. It is best to put stickers on the top of each box, where someone carrying it can glance down and see it immediately. Also, be sure to print clearly and use labels that are large enough to be read quickly. Be careful when choosing what labels to use; some adhesives can leave residue on furniture. The safest route is to use stickers that are specially designed for moving purposes.