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Keeping Your Artwork and Antiques Safe

Moving Artwork & AntiquesMoving Artwork & AntiquesPerhaps none of your possessions keep you awake at night like your art and antiques when preparing for moving day. These items not only hold a great amount of both monetary and sentimental value, they are often irreplaceable if damaged. Plan to give them a great deal of attention while packing, make sure they are loaded in a safe location for transport, and insure exceptionally valuable pieces to protect their value in a worst-case scenario.


Pack With Care

If antiques or framed pieces are small, they can be safely packed in a small, reinforced moving box with plenty of tissue paper padding. Don’t pack them too tightly, or glass and other delicate surfaces could be broken by the pressure of the padding. You can’t mark “fragile” too many times on these boxes—the top and all sides of the box should be clearly marked. Large paintings or prints should go in specially designed, two-part picture boxes that are adjustable to fit snugly. Surround the edges with crumpled paper to brace them gently in place. Again, write “fragile” in large letters on the box.


Choose the Right Spot

Framed pieces should always stand on end, never flat on their backs. If they can go underneath a table or desk, the natural space created by the furniture will protect them from other boxes. You may also want to place them between mattresses for an extra layer of cushion.


Keep Priceless Pieces In Your Possession

There are some pieces of art or heirlooms that you should simply keep with yourself at all times during a move. No matter how well a moving company treats your belongings or how highly a piece is insured, you will be more at ease if you give it a spot in your family car, where you can have your eyes on it from start to finish.