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Moving With Computers and Electronics

Moving With ElectronicsMoving With ElectronicsMost families have at least one computer and numerous electronic devices, such as televisions, printers, and stereos. If you are not careful, your collection of electronics could arrive at your new home in the form of scattered components, tangled wires, and no clues as to how everything connects together again. A few simple tips will help you remember how to get all these pieces of equipment up and running at your new home.


Back Up Files

If you do not already have a backup system in place, you should definitely get one before disconnecting and transporting your computer(s). If your physical hard drive were lost or damaged during transit, you could lose all your valued documents, photos, and other information unless they are safely stored online or on a second drive.


Mark Cable Connections

As you disconnect the power cables and multiple connectors attached to your devices, use differently colored stickers or labels to clearly mark where they go. This will make it easy to reconnect your computer system, stereo, entertainment center, modem and router correctly after your move. You will be surprised at how confusing your many cable connections can be without a system to boost your memory.


Protect Components Physically

Monitor and television screens, printer mechanisms, and laptops are all easily broken. Pack them just as carefully as you would a breakable mirror or framed picture, and carefully tie cables together to keep them from becoming tangled or crimped. Also, remove the ink cartridges from your printer; a minor bump or even a dramatic change in air pressure due to altitude could cause them to leak. Mark boxes containing electronics as “fragile.” Remember that many electronics are temperature sensitive and should not be left in a car overnight during cold weather or in direct sunlight during long stops.