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The Last Resort: Throwing Away Packing Materials

Throwing Away Used MaterialsThrowing Away Used MaterialsThe leftovers are a mess. All your efforts to get an adequate supply of boxes for moving, cartons, popcorn, moving paper, newspaper, shredded paper, bubble wrap, tape, and markers were successful. In fact, your efforts were a little too successful: your move is done, and now you have a mountain of trash to get rid of.

If your packing materials are wasting space, preventing you from enjoying your new home to the fullest, then read over these options for disposing of your used packing materials.


Can It Be Recycled?

Before you sack it up for the garbage man to take away, you should assess your packing materials. What can be recycled? The vast majority of your packing materials should be recyclable. You do not want all that cardboard and plastic to go to waste. Give all those materials a good home: send it to a recycling plant if you can. If you cannot, take a look at the next option.


Can It Be Re-used?

Can you use those boxes to store items you cannot yet use in your home? Is it possible they could find a home in your basement? Can you use them as waste bins, or to mail packages? Can you give those materials to friends for use as packing boxes, as mailers, as storage boxes? Are there any alternatives to sending your packing materials to the landfill? Take a moment to consider all your possible options to reuse packing materials before resorting to the next point.


Can You Dispose of It Efficiently?

Sometimes there are no options: your used packing materials just need to be thrown away. In the event you do not have the option to re-use or recycle, then find strong bags and take those packing materials to the landfill. They will have an efficient disposal system that will take those materials off your hands for good.