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The Long Carry Fee

The Long Carry feeThe Long Carry feePaying a moving service is as simple as getting a quote based on the weight of your total shipment and then paying that amount at the end, right? If you’ve ever worked with a moving company, you know that is too good to be true. There are quite a few possible factors to your moving job that could add additional fees to your bill. One of these is a “stair carry,” applied if your original or destination home is at the top of a flight of stairs. Another is the “long carry.” This charge applies to situations in which terrain, obstacles, or lack of adequate parking space forces movers to carry your belongings an exceptional distance from the moving truck to your house (or vice versa during the loading process).


What Triggers a Long Carry Charge?

You will have to talk to a representative from your moving company to find out if, and exactly when, it charges a long carry fee. The industry standard is 100 feet from the truck to the door of the house, but each company is free to establish its own policy. Sometimes, if the main door of the house is obstructed (by overgrown shrubbery or maintenance work, for example), making it impossible to use for loading or unloading, the route from the truck to the alternate door may be long enough to warrant the fee. The best thing to do is to have your agent look at the house’s location and tell you whether a long carry fee is applicable.


Keeping a Long Carry Charge Off Your Bill

There are some things you can do to avoid paying a long carry charge. Anticipate any obstacle or other problem that would make it difficult to use your house’s main door. Overgrown bushes, while easy enough to remove ahead of time, cannot be addressed on moving day. Measure the distance movers will have to carry your belongings and compare it with the company’s policy to eliminate any surprises. Finally, even if there is a long distance move from the driveway to the house, consider whether you are willing to allow the truck to park on the lawn itself. You can expect some deep tire marks on the grass, but it may be worth the money you will save on a long carry fee.


Your moving company may be able to negotiate the fee if you offer a creative deal. Bring some buddies to help unload, offer one or two meals for the crew, or come up with something else you can do to make the job easier.