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The Stair Carry Fee

The Stair Carry FeeThe Stair Carry FeeHave you ever looked at a house situated on a hill, or perhaps an unusually tall three-story house, and thought, “I would hate to do a moving job at that house!”? Most moving companies do actually impose an additional charge if they determine that the number of stairs involved in moving out or in warrants it. While there are some general standards you can expect to find, each company establishes its own “stair carry” fee based on its own set of guidelines. Your main concern is to make sure a representative from your moving company is aware of the flights of stairs (both indoors and outdoors) at both your old and new location, and to find out from him ahead of time whether there will be an extra fee.


When Is a Stair Carry Fee Charged?

Under most circumstances, a single flight of stairs in a home does not result in a stair carry fee. However, if you live in a second-floor apartment, meaning all of your belongings will have to be carried up at least one flight of stairs, you should expect a fee. If a house has an outdoor flight of steps leading up to the door, a fee is also likely. Note that another common cause of a stair carry fee is the need for an unusually heavy or large piece, like a piano or a freezer, to be transported up or down a flight of stairs.


Avoid Surprises

If possible, your moving company agent should look at any stairs involved in your move to determine any applicable fees. You can describe the situation over the phone, but if there is a misunderstanding about the size or location of the staircase, you might find yourself faced with a last-minute extra charge when the long distance movers arrive.


To avoid a stair carry fee for moving extra heavy items, you can have your crew leave them at the bottom of the stairs and have friends help you carry them up at a later time. However, if the charge is not too high, it is preferable to have professionals carry the items up while they are covered under the moving company’s insurance.


From the customer’s perspective, a stair carry may seem like a frivolous fee. If you have ever helped a friend move all his possessions up one or more flights of stairs, however, you will understand the need for a little extra compensation!