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Getting To Know Your New Community

Getting To Know Your New CommunityGetting To Know Your New CommunityThere is no feeling quite like connecting with your community. If you are moving to a different state or even a different country, you may feel disoriented by how different your new home’s culture is from what you are used to. There is no better way to bridge that culture gap then to get involved in your community. Read on for some great tips on meeting your new friends and neighbors.


Parks and Rec

Whether to walk their dogs, play baseball, or enjoy the Great American Outdoor Barbecue, people tend to gather and interact in public parks. Many parks have structured, scheduled activities that will give you an opportunity to interact with people in the community. There may be a sports team out there with your name on it, whether it is a traditional sport like baseball or an emerging sport like adult kickball. You would be lax to pass up the opportunity to make friends in your local park.



Local charities are always looking for an extra hand to help out. You may find tremendous fulfillment participating in a local charity, serving yourself by serving others. If you make it a habit to serve a large, known local charity like Big Brothers Big Sisters, then there may be a branch that is local to you. If you have not done charity work before, then you simply do not know what you are missing.


Faith-based Organizations

If you are a person of faith, then seeking out a local church, synagogue, mosque or other meeting place may be high on your priority list. Building connections with people who share your faith with is a great way to meaningfully mold lasting relationships in your community.


Local Government

You would be amazed at how many town councils are understaffed and under-led. You will love what you learn about your new community at town meetings. There is no better way to get inside your community, identifying your community’s leaders, and getting to know the issues that are faced in your new hometown.


Knock on Your Neighbor’s Door

There is no better way to connect than by reaching out to your neighbors personally. Offering a handshake, a smile, and your help is a phenomenal way to build relationships that can last a lifetime. Never underestimate the value of simply reaching out to your neighbors. You may be surprised at the strength and value of those connections.