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When Should I Get My Utilities Set Up

When To Set Up Your UtilitiesWhen To Set Up Your UtilitiesOne easily overlooked aspect of moving is setting up utilities. It may be tempting to avoid this paltry task and focus on the physical labor of getting all your stuff from point A to point B. However, missing a beat on setting up your utilities may result in an extremely frustrating first week or two in your home after the movers get you all moved in. With no water, you cannot bathe or drink. With no gas and electric, you cannot heat your home, cook food, or operate electronics. With no phone service, you are an island. With no cable and Internet, you’re probably better off. Just kidding.


Whether this is your first move or not, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the insane logistics of relocating to a new residence. Just remember that planning ahead, checklists, and scheduling are the key to making a successful move. This goes double for setting up utilities in your new home.


Water, Gas and Electric

Remember one word when preparing to set up your water, gas and electric: early. Call ahead—far ahead. Thirty days early is optimal; the day before is not. In some cases, you may be dealing with large bureaucracies in order to get your utilities turned on, which doubles the value of calling ahead.



Do you need a telephone land line? If so, it is absolutely vital that you schedule setup of those services early as well. If you are cell phone dependent, then it is likely that you already have phone service handled. In that case, skip this point.


Calling early means doing research on the companies in your new locale that provide telephone service. There will likely to be competition in the marketplace, and competition means there are winners and losers. Do your research. if you are working your plan thirty days ahead as suggested, then you should have the Internet for research at your fingertips. Use that invaluable resource to find the best phone provider in your area and schedule setup as early as possible.


Cable and Internet

Competition in the cable market is fierce in some areas. In others, it is nonexistent, controlled by a monopoly. Either way, the key word to remember is the same. That’s right, you guessed it: early. If you need to stay connected through cable television and the Internet, then plan ahead and get your TV and Internet in your new home running as quickly as possible.