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Meeting Your New Neighbors
Break Your New Home in with a Move-in Party

Throw A Move In PartyThrow A Move In PartyYou’re all moved in--yes! Time to celebrate—and we all know what that means: a move-in party. A great move-in party will do you good for a number of reasons: it will allow you an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, it will help you to loosen up after the always stressful time of moving, and it will give you your first big chance to actually live in your home, building memories with family and friends.


However, there are things to consider when planning your move-in party. As you plot out your big event, take a moment to look at the opportunities ahead.


Get to Know Your Home’s Condition

Maybe you are moved in all the way, maybe not. Half the time, the mess and informality makes a get-together more fun. If there are any strange surprises regarding your new home’s condition in store, a move-in party may bring those surprises to light, for better or worse.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

Whether you are a party animal or an amiable chap, a move-in party is a phenomenal way to invite your neighbors over for some getting-to-know-you time. Put your best foot forward, and remember that you are not out to prove yourself the best party-thrower on the block, but to connect.


Get to Know Your Landlord

Talk to your landlord in advance, letting him or her know of your intentions to have a get-together at your new domicile. This is a great method of gauging your landlord’s attitude toward having guests and having fun.


Invite Your Friends

Inviting your friends for a move-in party is a great way to build up those relationships with people that are already in your life. Not only are friends a great source of cheap moving labor during a move, they are a great joy to have around as you celebrate your new home.