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Good Fences: Meeting Your New Neighbors

Meeting Your NeighborsMeeting Your NeighborsIf there’s one thing you cannot predict when you move into a new home, it is the neighbors. Everyone has a nightmare story involving a neighbor they perceive as rude, a jerk, a slob, a cad, what have you. But that does not mean you should withdraw, making yourself an island, never reaching out to those around you. Read on for a few tips for cutting through the awkwardness and meeting your new neighbors.


Knock on Their Door

This is a life lesson you learn over and over again: to build relationships, you cannot be passive. Make the first move, knock on your neighbor’s door, and introduce yourself. Find common ground, whether it be a favorite sports team or just discussing the weather. If you feel awkward, you should not worry about it. You are building a relationship, and that takes time.


Bring a Gift

A gift is a phenomenal way to show you care, and that you want to develop an amiable relationship with your neighbor. Bake some treats, write a nice note, take the long walk next door, and connect.


Throw a Party

Throwing a move-in party serves as a sterling introduction of who you are, and is a great way to begin relationships with your new neighbors. Remember that restraint is key: keep it mature; don’t throw a “kegger.” Your goal is to kindly acquaint yourself with the neighborhood. Allowing your neighbors a chance to get to know your friends is an extra bonus. There is safety in numbers, which should make them feel more secure about joining the fun.


Whether you throw a gigantic party, bring a gift and a handshake, or simply knock on your new neighbor’s door, you will not regret taking that first step in getting to know your neighbors. Take the time, take the chance, and lay a strong foundation for new friendships.