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How To Properly Pack Your Computer

Packing Your ComputerPacking Your ComputerThere is perhaps no more nerve-wracking item to pack for a move than a personal computer. A computer is expensive, delicate, and often contains information that no one wants lost. In fact, computers may be just as annoying to pack as they are to use.


However, if you are moving and need to pack your computer, there is hope. With the right method, getting your computer ready for the movers can be a breeze.


An organized process is the name of the game when packing your PC. First, disconnect all those cords and cables. Wrap them neatly, twisty-tying them if possible so they will unpack easily. Then—and this step is vital—label each cord. This will make your computer much easier to assemble when you unpack later on. With that complete, pack the cords and smaller accessories in a separate box, labeling the box clearly and marking it as “fragile.”


Next, pack the CPU. Insulate it properly, and keep it in its own separate box if you can. The same goes for your printer and/or scanner. If you have a scanner, insulate it thoroughly to prevent shattered glass. Take special care to insulate your computer’s monitor: it is perhaps its most delicate component.


With your computer disassembled and organized, its components packed in separate boxes with clear “fragile” labels, your computer is ready to relocate!