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Move Your Media Safely
Packing Your CDs & DVDs

Packing CDs And DVDsPacking CDs And DVDsWhile it may be true that iTunes and Netflix could eventually eliminate physical media entirely, you still have that media collection to pack. Just as Renaissance aristocracy collected great art, your film, television, and music collection may be your badge of pride, your connection to today’s culture. As such, you want it packed right in the event of a move.


Since most Blu-ray, DVD, and CD packages are the same size, it makes sense to pack them en masse in a large moving box. However, be careful: if you pack it too heavy, your complete 30 Rock set might find itself shattered at the bottom of a stairwell. Pack with a sensible assessment of the box weight, and remember to insulate carefully. Just because you are dealing with relatively square items does not mean it cannot be damaged with rough handling from your moving service. If you are packing different types of media in a single box, put the heavy stuff on the bottom and the light stuff on the top.


Protect your music and moving image investment: pack those Blu-Rays, DVDs, and CDs carefully to ensure your collection finds its place in your new home, ready for you to enjoy for years to come.