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Packing Your Smaller Appliances

Is your kitchen chock full of neat electronic devices that turn you into a latter day Emeril Lagasse? Are you overwhelmed with the necessity of getting all those gadgets packed correctly for the big moving day? Well, hakuna matada: no worries! Use these simple tips to pack your small appliances quickly and easily.


As you prepare for you move, you have an opportunity to go over those kitchen contraptions with a fine-toothed comb: get them clean, removing the crumbs and stains. You want nothing that will attract little critters to settle in your new kitchen.


If you plan on packing multiple items and/or appliances in a single moving box, organize them according to weight. Put the heavy stuff at the bottom, and the less heavy stuff at the top. As you disassemble your appliances, keep the parts together, labeling them if possible. You want to avoid losing those little parts when you unpack. Next, wrap those appliances in packing paper or newspaper, insulating them against scuffling and rough handling.


Do not overpack your boxes. If you stuff too much weight in a box, it may burst as the movers load or unload it, causing unsightly damage. In addition, overpacking may cause internal damage as the boxes are handled. Remember to label your packed boxes clearly for easy unpacking as you set up your cooking arsenal in your new home.