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How To Pack Your Bathroom Supplies

As you prepare for your move, you need to plan ahead with the bathroom supplies. Unless you’re just not that into hygiene, you will be glad you approached your move with a plan, ensuring you are bathing-ready for your first couple days of unpacking.  


The key word for every successful move is: checklists. You will never be sorry that you are over-prepared for a move. If you determine what you need and stick to the checklist, you will not be handicapped at the end of your move.


Determine What You Need

Find out what you will need for the first few days of bathroom use. You know, the basics: soap, shampoo, toilet paper, facial cleanser, etc. Write it down on a checklist. Plan for a full week of essential toiletries—you never know what issues will come up during your first few days in your new place.


Stick to the Checklist

The rest is simple. Set aside the bathroom supplies on your checklist and keep them in your vehicle. Toiletries—like your valuables and essential paperwork—should not be trusted to the movers. Stick to the instructions above and you will be covered for toiletries after your successful, low-stress move.