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How To Pack Your Fine China

Anyone familiar with the screwball films of old knows that china is the most satisfyingly breakable object in a home. If your china has any value to you whatsoever, though, you want to make sure you never hear that shattering sound. Preparing your china for a move is easier than you think: with adequate care in the packing and labeling process, your valuable dishes will arrive at your new home safe and sound.


Packing Your China

The keys to packing china are space and insulation. Stack your china in a box, generously layering packing paper between the dishes. You want it tight enough that your dishes can’t move, and insulated around the edges of the box to prevent excessive outside force from cracking your fine china.


Just like with cutlery, it is better to pack your china in several small moving boxes than many large ones. If you stack too many pieces of china one on top of the other, the weight may crush the dishes on the bottom of the box.  


Getting it There Safely

Label your china clearly, marking it as fragile, and clearly direct your movers to treat it as such. In that manner, you can proceed with your move knowing your china is adequately protected.