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Keep Your Blades Secure: Packing Cutlery for a Move

Packing cutlery is an intimidating task. Cutlery is relatively small, there is often a lot of it, and it has the potential to cause injury. Packing cutlery should be done with a plan. If you have that plan, though, you will be surprised at how easy it is to get that cutlery stowed and ready to move.


It’s better to pack your cutlery in several small boxes than one large moving box; it cuts down on the weight. Take your box and line it with paper—this will help prevent blades piercing the box. You don’t want your knives bumping around inside. Now wrap your cutlery in paper, individually or in pairs. You want all the pointy ends going in the same direction, ensuring you can unpack safely. Roll your cutlery up inside the paper and set it in the small box, filling the box out with crushed paper to prevent it from moving around. It may help you, if the handles aren’t exposed, to draw an arrow next to the box’s label to show which way your cutlery’s blades are pointed.


With adequate paper cushioning, packing your cutlery is a breeze. Now that you have a plan, stow that cutlery and prepare for a stress-free move!