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No Rot, No Spoil: How to Pack Your Food for a Move

Nobody wants to move into a home with an empty refrigerator. The temptation for most families may be to christen the new home with a pizza meal, avoiding the headache and heartache of unpacking food and kitchenware to prepare a meal. It would be sensible and proper to set aside a supply of food for your new home to take with you during the move. Keep it with you in your “first week kit,” along with spare clothes, valuables, essential documents, etc.


However, the issue of packing food still needs to be dealt with. Most pantries are stocked with nonperishable foods, and it makes much better financial sense to move the food than to trash it all and start over. That is why you need a plan for moving your food.


First things first: if it rots, if it spoils, or if it is frozen, toss it. You do not want to deal with rotten food as you unpack. After you have tossed the perishables, focus on canned or jarred items. They are the easiest to pack safely—just remember to secure the lids tightly and insulate glass jars carefully. Nonperishable foods like pasta and spices can be packed easily and quickly with the proper amount of insulation.