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Snap, Crackle, Pop
Avoid Glassware Damage With These Easy Tips

Why, oh why, did we buy that glassware? It is beautiful. It is glassy. It is the best liquid container imaginable. But now we have to pack it up and move it to a new home without shattering it all to smithereens.


If you are tasked with moving an arsenal of glassware to a new home, then there is no reason to be intimidated. You can get it done safely and efficiently, avoiding the horrifying snap, crackle, and pop of shattered glass.


Thankfully, many moving supply companies offer specialized packaging for glassware. If you have those cartons handy, put your glasses in carefully, insulating with packing paper or newspaper if you feel it’s necessary. Stuff as much packing paper as possible. The more insulation, the less likely your glassware will shatter from poor handling.


In the event you cannot find any specialized packaging, then you can still pack your glasses as long as you’ve got plenty of insulation. Wrap each piece of glassware carefully in two or three layers of packing paper, filling the glass with paper as well before you pack it in a light box. Be careful to mark the box as “fragile” to ensure safe and easy relocation from your moving company.