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Avoid the Bang and Clang: Pack Your Pans Right

Those clanging metal pots and pans aren’t as sturdy as you think. As you pack up your kitchen during your big move, you still need to take care and prevent damage that might make your cookware unusable.


Think about it that beautiful non-stick surface on your favorite skillet. Just one gouge from a pan in a nearby box can ruin that pan forever. In order to make sure your pots and pans are protected, follow these simple steps to keep your cookware safe and secure as you relocate to your new home.


As you pack your pots and pans, remember to layer the moving boxes you’re preparing with packing paper or newspaper. In addition, tape up that box extra tight to make sure the weight of all that metal doesn’t cause it to burst during the move. Pack the pots and the pans carefully, setting them inside each other to maximize space. Place packing paper or newspaper between the pots and pans, preventing unsightly scratches and dents.


Getting those pots and pans to your new home safely is easy, as long as you remember to pack tightly, insulating that cookware correctly to prevent damage. If you follow those steps, you will avoid unpleasant surprises once you open those boxes in your new place.