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Packing Fragile, Sharp, and Oddly Shaped Items

Packing moving boxes full of books, DVDs, clothes, and other items of standard shapes and sizes is relatively easy. You will probably find yourself boxing these simple things first, and avoiding pieces of art, sculptures, and heirlooms that you are nervous about packing. Eventually, however, you will have to get these items wrapped and into boxes. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure the safety of these items and protect them and the things packed around them for the duration of their trip.


Plenty of Padding

The first rule with fragile pieces or objects with sharp tips is to use plenty of cushion and packing materials to pad them. The trick to padding these items is to be careful not to wrap them too tightly, or the packing supplies themselves could put stress on delicate handles and other easily broken features. If your treasures are surrounded by a loose and flexible nest of paper, tissue, or packing peanuts, there is enough leeway for the items to move gently without bumping into hard surfaces.


Use the Right Box

Even if a large sculpture or wall decoration seems too oddly shaped to fit into a box, it is to your advantage to go ahead and use one, even if the item is the only thing shipped in that box. The cardboard walls will serve to protect the piece from anything around it that could slip during transport. Use the smallest box you can, and use just the right amount of padding to secure the item inside the best you can. The last step is to find a good spot in the truck for the box and to clearly mark it “fragile.” If your large, valuable pieces are placed at the top of your load, the chances are great that they will make it to their destination without being damaged by shifting boxes and furniture around them.