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Choosing Professional Packing Supplies

Families and individuals who are planning to move have traditionally saved up free packing supplies like old newspapers, used boxes from grocery stores, and Styrofoam peanuts. While these items are an economical route, there are a number of advantages to using specially designed, professional packing supplies instead. It is impossible for you to directly supervise the moving of every piece of furniture and box, and by using high quality packing supplies you can make sure that everything is protected against inevitable slips, bumps, and accidental contact with walls and door frames during the move.


Better Protection for Your Possessions

Newspaper is covered with cheap printers’ ink that comes off on nearly everything it touches. Its surface is also rough, and it can damage and discolor delicate dishes. Professional paper is ink-free and specifically designed to give china and glass surfaces a gentle, safe cushion. Moving boxes, unlike the thin cardboard containers used to ship groceries and paper products, have reinforced corners and heavy panels to make sure that they do not collapse during loading and transportation. Finally, bubble wrap and static wrap make it an easy process to protect thin wooden legs and fabric furniture surfaces from chipping, scratching, and tearing while they are being carried.


Uniform Sizes

A variety of box sizes makes the loading process tedious and time-consuming, not to mention exhausting. If the boxes you have packed are all uniform, it is much easier to load them quickly while saving huge amounts of space. The better your boxes fit together, the less they will shift during motion and the safer your possessions will be.


Time is Critical

Using professional supplies saves time in many different ways. Packers do not have to hunt through a pile of differently shaped boxes for just the right one; scraps of cardboard and bubble wrap do not have to be taped together to fit a piece of furniture; and you will not have to scribble out directions from previous moves. Every little bit counts on moving day, and with supplies that are easy to use, your relocation project will become much shorter and simpler.