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How to Find the Right Storage Facility

Storage facilities can allow for a tremendous advantage to those that cannot store their beloved items onsite. Unfortunately, those items can easily become lost in an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. As a result, you overlook that monthly storage fee item in your budget and pay it month after month, never considering that you are spending money on resources you do not use.


Before we take a look at how to find the storage facility for you, let’s ask some key questions about what you want to store.


Can You Get Rid of It?

Nothing keeps down on moving expenses like removing items from the equation. Do you absolutely need the item? If your life cannot move forward without it, is there any possible way to store it onsite at your new home? If not—if you are absolutely out of room, then consider the next question.


Can You Otherwise Avoid the Expense of Storage?

Is there a way you could store the items with friends or family in town without taking advantage of them? Are you confident that the storage is temporary, that you will be able to retrieve those items later on and reintegrate them into your new home? If offsite storage is shaping up to be a long term expense, then take a closer look at question #1 before moving on.


What Do You Need to Store?

Your home town, new or old, no doubt offers a number of options when it comes to storage—it all depends on what item you need to keep locked away.


Boats often have specialized storage facilities, whether in the water or out. Note carefully how your boat will be protected from the elements: if weather is a factor, you need to determine if the marina you choose will be a safe place for your floating kingdom.


Many storage facilities specialize in automobiles or RVs. Some of them even provide climate controlled storage, just in case that ’65 Mustang needs some TLC while it is out of your hands.


Traditional storage sheds work when it comes to storing general items that will not fit into your home. Just be ready with a plan to get those goods back: you do not want a monthly storage bill for belongings you do not use.


Is Portable Storage an Option?

Portable storage may be quite an affordable option when compared to storage facilities. You may have the option of storing on your property, and the savings is enormous.