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Differences Between Carriers And Brokers

Enclosed Auto Shipping Enclosed Auto Shipping Whenever you are looking for vehicle transport, you need to be aware of two options that you will be faced with: auto transport brokers and car shipping companies (carriers). The big difference between these two modes of car shipping is that the brokers do not have their own equipments and vehicles; they look for available auto shippers in your locality and connect you with them. On the other hand, car transport companies have all the necessary machinery to transport your car and they do not transfer you to any third party.

Though there are pros and cons for using both methods, the auto transport brokers have a head-start when it comes to those who wish to transport a car. For one, they are not affected by the distribution of trucks across the country. Unlike car movers who may have their trucks far away from where you want them to pick your car, the auto transport brokers are not faced with this problem. They can therefore be able to mount an aggressive search in your area to find you auto shippers with available trucks and hence prevent you from unnecessary delays.

The other benefit of going for the car shipping brokers is that you won’t be tied down to one auto shipping company. and brokers will have many connections if you require special assistance such as wanting to transport vehicle by train. For those who have dealt with vehicle transport companies before, you know that there may arise complications every step of the way when you are dealing with one car transporter. From break-downs to delayed pickup, anything goes when you only rely on one car mover. When dealing with brokers however, in case of a problem, they will quickly find another option for you and thus avert any crisis.

Finally, unlike vehicle shipping companies which expect you to book your vehicle transport immediately they provide you with vehicle transport quotes, the auto transport brokers are very flexible and first allow you time to digest the car shipping quotes before you finally make your decision.