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Do It Yourself Moving

There are two options to consider in terms of your decision to execute your plan of moving.  There are professional movers you can hire and there is you and probably a few friends to help out.  Each of these options has their own pros and cons.  For both, the value of money is a major factor in your decision.  You will end up shelling out money anyway, but here are some tips to help you save and move somewhere by doing it yourself. 


Be systematic.  When packing, it pays to pay attention to details so you can do these: pack your things per room, label the boxes, and separate the boxes according to the need for the items in your new location and those that you do not really need.  It is recommended that you pack your things at least a month before you move so you won’t panic and mess around.

Make reservations.  Unless you have a truck of your own, you need to make a reservation at least a couple of weeks before you intend to move.  You can also choose to do it at least a month before just to make sure.  Remember that moving companies are usually busy and you may settle for one who takes care of a lot of customers.

Allot extra time.  You can use the extra time you have to get settled, to explore your new surroundings, to fix any problems on your new home or office that may hamper your resumption to work, and to make sure that you get enough rest.  Moving is a tedious task and people would always want to get it done as fast as possible.  Do not move in haste so you will not miss anything important.

Know when to seek help.  While this article focuses on moving the DIY manner, acknowledge that you need professional help at some point.  Do you have a piano or a pool table?  Do you have large fridge that you cannot move alone?  Some of these things may have to be moved by professionals in order to stay intact.  Apart from being heavy, special instructions are required when moving an appliance or any furniture for that matter.

Unpack right away. Why? It saves time for you to be searching through the boxes for the things you need.  Besides, unpacking each box right when you need it does not give you enough time to think about organization.  It may result in clutter which you need to deal with.  This results to you taking extra time to fix it.

The article comes to us from E-Z Moving, professional moving company based out of Salt Lake City that provides local moving, packing, labor and crating services.