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In the moving business summer months are the busiest, most hectic time of the year when customers require moves frequently and throughout the world. This brings about a lot of stress, forcing customers to do all sorts of things they aren't used to such as hauling heavy furniture around, packing things and labeling them and so on. This is something we've all had to do at one point or another in our lives, however this isn't something done too often. For that reason we are giving you this list of tips in the shape of a timeline on organizing yourself before a move: Moving Tips & TimelineMoving Tips & Timeline


1. Four weeks beforehand This is the perfect time to start notifying people you'll be moving out soon. You should begin looking up professional moving companies, making plans for the next few weeks before you set things in motion. Keep some things in mind however, such as:

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• Multiple quotes are needed before you can get an accurate assessment of the market. Remember to ask a lot of questions and to answer theirs so you can help each other. The more information you exchange before working together, the better and more accurate the quote will be.


• Organize your personal documents and ID's and make sure you know where they are at all times. You will need them during the moving process and besides its always good to keep them handy for when you move in your new home.


• Notify your doctors, creditors and utility providers of your address change. Do the same with gardeners, trash removal and any other services you might have. Cancel any subscriptions you don't want to be received at this address or inform their respective companies of your address change.


2. Three weeks beforehand Eventually, when you decide to use a certain mover you should begin organizing your belongings by taking inventory of what you have. Take note of what you want moved to your new destination and also:


• Separate your items in categories such as “charity”, “packing”, “give to friends” or something similar. Clean out all closets and any storage areas as well as drawers so you can take an accurate assessment of everything there.


• A great way to start early is to pack all things you're sure you won't be using at least a month after arriving at your new home. This will get most of the stuff out of the way and you'll have a less hectic time when moving day is here.


3. Two weeks beforehand Start the serious part of the packing process and make sure you are aware on what the forbidden items are for your moving company. Certain things such as chemicals, toxins, car batteries and flammable liquids are not allowed on a moving vehicle. Other items usually not liked much are perishable foods and in may cases plants are also a big no-no. Items of sentimental or personal value such as documentation, jewelry, laptops, pharmaceuticals and so on are also frowned upon and usually left to the customer's care.


4. One week beforehand This is the time to keep all valuables close to you and to begin organizing your personal belongings, the ones you can't live without and to slowly begin packing them. Make sure you are aware of how you'll pay your moving company, since different companies may have different policies. Start eating the contents of your freezer and donate whatever you can't eat to either friends or a local food bank.


5. Moving day So moving day is finally here? After all is done you have to make sure nothing gets left behind. Also make sure all light switches and the power of the place is off right before you leave. When you arrive begin unpacking by necessities, starting with the bedroom and kitchen so you can enjoy the rest of the day without a worry.