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Make Your New Home Feel Like Home


You’ve packed everything into boxes, loaded up the moving truck, and unloaded them into your new place. So the hard part is taken care of, and everything is uphill from here—right? Well, maybe: for some people, adjusting to a new home is the hardest part. Home is all about comfort and familiarity, the emotional bonds you build with a space that make it truly feel your own. It’s not uncommon for people to move with excitement into a new place, but then miss the familiarity of the home they moved out of. Are you homesick in your new home?


If so, here are a few tips to help you adjust quickly and start thinking of your new home as home.


Unpack those little oddities that defined your old home. When you’re unpacking your moving boxes, you will of course want to bring out those practical items first—kitchen utensils, clothing, lights and furniture—but your considerations shouldn’t be totally based on practicality. Was there a statue or piece of art you kept on the mantel at your home? Take it out. Or maybe a drawing made by one of your children? Pin it back to the refrigerator. Small touches like these can go a long way.


Decorate with family photos. For some of us, there’s nothing that makes us feel more at home than images of our family. While it might be impossible to hang so many frames in such a short period of time, you can come up with other ways of displaying them, like leaning frames against the wall atop shelves, counters, dressers and tables until you get the time to put a few nails in the wall.


Up the ambiance. Your mostly-empty, yet-to-be-unpacked home might feel alien and uncomfortable, but some changes to the atmosphere can go a long way in helping you to settle in. So light some scented candles—scent is strongly tied to both emotions and memory. Illuminate your rooms with shaded lamps that emit muted light—dimmer lights make rooms look cozy and have a calming effect, while harsh ceiling lights can make rooms look more empty and make you feel alert and on edge. Finally, unpack that stereo and turn on some low key, calming beats to help your body adjust and feel comfortable.


Clean. I know you’re tired after moving and unpacking, and for many people this goes unsaid. But whether you’ve done the work yourself or just hired a moving company, someone has been going in and out throughout your house with shoes on. Dirt and disorder make most of us feel incredibly uncomfortable and out of our safe zone, so try at the least to do a quick vacuuming job, particularly over the routes that you and the movers have tread.


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