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Moving BoxesMoving BoxesMoving can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, so it’s important to take care of all the little things to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. One great way to make sure your move goes smoothly is by getting all the right moving boxes and packing supplies. Many people just look for free boxes for moving, but that may not be the right choice since the right moving box can help in many ways. Using the right moving boxes can help provide protection to your valuable items, allow items to fit perfectly to avoid wasted space, allow for easy packing and stacking in the moving truck and even help organize things so they are easy to find once you've arrived at your destination.

Boxes specifically made for moving are made in many shapes and sizes and are great for specific things to help make your move easier. There are many advantages to getting the right boxes and packing materials rather than just cheap moving boxes or even used moving boxes. With the right box in hand, it can make packing up your belongings quick, easy and secure. Anytime you're looking to purchase moving boxes, make sure you know what you need to pack first so that you don't buy the wrong boxes. Another tip, when looking for where to buy moving boxes, is to find a local retailer that offers recycled moving boxes. Using a recycled moving box is just as effective as the alternative, but is much better for the Earth so why not?

One of the worst things about moving is when you toss all your clothes into a box and they come out wrinkled and often dirty. That's because the typical box is not made to hold clothes – you need wardrobe moving boxes. These special moving boxes allow you to pack your entire wardrobe without having to end up washing and ironing every item again once you get to your new house. Keeping your clothes clean and smooth is just one advantage to using a good wardrobe moving box. Keeping your clothes safe is another great thing they do. During a move, clothes can fall out of a regular box easily and get ruined. They can get torn by other things that are being moved or get oil or other unwashable substance on them so they can't be worn any more. The wardrobe boxes will hold all your favorite outfits securely and safely for the entire move.

Picking out the right size boxes for the rest of your items is also important. Packing large, heavy items like books and dishes is quick and easy in the larger sized boxes. Even pots and pans can fit in with no problem. More delicate items like glassware or other breakable items should go into a smaller, padded box with the proper packing materials. These boxes should also be labeled correctly so people know to be extra careful with them during the move. You can find the right type of box to perfectly accommodate almost anything you can think of.

Moving Supplies - Packing Supplies

Getting the right moving supplies to go with your moving boxes is important as well. There are many different things to pick up including the proper padding, tape, labels and a good marker to write on the boxes. The proper packing supplies padding can come in many forms, depending on what is in the box. For very breakable items, it is best to individually wrap them in bubble wrap and then secure the box with packing peanuts to ensure everything stays safe. For less important items, it may be enough to just pad them with news paper. Choosing the right padding options is critical to ensure nothing is broken during the move.

Once everything is packed into a box and it’s ready to close, you'll want to have good packing tape to seal the box quickly and securely. Using the right packing tape will save lots of time versus using regular Scotch tape. It will also save quite a bit of money by avoiding boxes spilling open during the move. After taping the box closed, make sure to label it properly with information about what is inside the box and which room it is going into in the new house.

With every box properly labeled, you'll be able to quickly unload everything and have it put away in no time. While this may not sound like a critical feature now, you will realize it’s when you’re at that stage of the move. By the time all the boxes arrive at the new house, the last thing you're going to want to do is waste time figuring out where each box goes and what's inside it. Having it properly labeled will surely save a lot of frustration in the long run and is really very little extra work up front.

Once everything is packed up and properly labeled on your packing boxes, the last thing to remember is how to load them up into the truck. Having a basic plan of action before beginning is a great idea. Make sure to place all the boxes in a good area in the truck, with the heaviest boxes that contain unbreakable items at the bottom and then securely place any more breakable items in boxes closer to the top. The right organization will surely save a lot of headaches when unloading the truck later. If possible, it can also be helpful to pack the boxes based on which room they will be going in. Knowing that entire rooms are placed together can make the unloading process very simple. Of course, as your moving company of choice, we have the experience to load our truck in the most optimal manner. You won’t have to worry about the proper way to load the boxes into the truck because we take care of that for you.

Using the correct moving boxes for the job is far more important than most people may think. Many of the problems people typically have while moving could often be avoided by choosing the proper moving boxes, packing materials, tape and labels. This, along with having a good moving plan before beginning will allow for a very pleasant moving experience for everyone involved.

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