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Portable Storage And Storage Space For Moving

Portable storage units are growing in popularity at a rapid rate today because of their convenience and practicality. In the past, people were tied down to a more traditional storage unit whenever they wanted to store their belongings away from their house. These moving storage units provided the storage space which people required, but lacked the flexibility most people want. Using a portable storage container for either long term or short term storage is an ideal way to keep your items safe and secure year around. The added advantage of portability is a huge plus for people who are relocating to another location. This portable storage solution really offers the ideal combination of storage space and portable convenience.

Portable storage containers are basically large metal units which can be dropped off at your house, loaded at your leisure, and picked back up and stored for you at a large storage location. Most units are stored in an indoor, temperature controlled area so all your precious items will be kept safe and dry.  These storage pods can also be transported from one city or state to another for people who are moving. This is a simple and cost effective alternative to renting a moving truck for people who may need to store some of their items for a while before moving them into their new house. Loading and unloading a pod could not be easier as they are placed right on the ground in the location of your choice near your house. This allows for a much simpler loading process than having to worry about walking up and down a ramp to load up a truck.

Portable Moving And Storage SpacePortable Moving And Storage Space


Moving And Storage Companies

With such a stressful event as moving, it is important to make sure you get the ideal moving and storage companies solutions to help you through the process. Portable moving storage is really a simple choice for almost anyone since it has all the benefits of renting a truck, along with the benefits of a storage unit. In addition to that, there is the ease of loading and the fact that the transportation is all taken care of for you. There are few reasons why anyone would consider not going with a portable storage rental option.  The portable storage solutions we offer are sure to meet all your relocating needs. From large storage options to mini storage units, we can meet any need.

Mobile storage units also offer better security for your items than virtually any other storage solution. Once you’ve packed up all your items into a storage unit, we will transport it to a secure storage facility. At the storage facility, it will sit in a climate controlled environment with secured access to the facility. Unlike a traditional storage facility, it is not open to people walking by your unit and possibly breaking in. The security and safety of our storage pods is of critical importance to us and we take all possible steps to ensure the security of your possessions. These mobile storage containers are also weather proof while they are at your location and safe from any water or cold once they reach our storage center.

When you choose to use container storage from us we are able to help ensure all your storage needs are met. We can help evaluate the size of pod you’ll need to fit everything you desire inside it. We will also handle the drop off and pick up of the container to your house. The storage pod can be placed in a wide range of areas to ensure the loading process can be as streamlined as possible. Our moving and storage experts can help answer any questions you may have about the portable storage container process. Once you’ve loaded up the container we are just a phone call away to get the pod picked up and either delivered to your new home or stored safely in our storage facility until you are ready for your belongings to be delivered and unloaded again. There is never a need to worry about your possessions during the entire process.

Our containers can hold virtually anything you would like to have safely stored for any length of time. People commonly store a wide range of items, from furniture to paper work to merchandise for a business move. Whatever your needs, our storage containers are sure to be the perfect solution for you. The portable storage units are designed to be able to fit a lot of items in them. The ability to accommodate all shapes and sizes of items is one of the best things about storage pods. If you have any questions on what types of items can be stored in the containers we are always happy to answer and work with you to get the ideal pod delivered to your location at a date and time which works best for you.

Another reason many people choose a portable storage pod is because they are tired of using their garage or other area in their house as a storage unit. Clearing out the items that are not used but you don’t want to get rid of is a perfect reason to get a storage pod. Some people load all their seasonal items into a pod, while others will store old clothes until they are ready to get passed down to a younger sibling or relative. The option to store your items in a secure facility away from your house to free up some space is perfect for many people. Many people love the fact that their garage is no longer just used to pile boxes in and they can actually park their car in it again!

Whatever your reasons for needing a storage unit are, a portable storage pod may be the perfect choice for you. With the great flexibility, added security and ease of use there’s really no reason to choose anything else.  We’ll be happy to work with you every step of the way to ensure the whole process is completed without a hitch. Fill out our quote form today for a FREE quote from the best moving and storage companies!