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Pool Table Movers And Pool Table Moving Companies

When moving houses, one of the most difficult things to do is transport your large items out of one house and into the other. Pool tables present additional difficulties because they need to remain level once they get to their destination and the felt can be easily torn. The fact that pool tables are quite large, heavy and have long edges make them one of the most difficult items to move, and that’s where professional pool table movers and pool table moving companies come in. Their experience in moving a pool table allows them to quickly and safely transport your pool table to your new house that other services such as local movers or apartment moving companies might not be able to provide.


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Pool table moving services are able to transport many pool table sizes through doorways that most people would consider impossible. Not every moving company will be able to move your table, so be sure to ask before hiring them. Billiard table movers need to have experience in moving these items or you’ll end up with a scuffed or chipped pool table that may not be nice and level. A well trained pool table mover is able to quickly see the right way to turn the table to have it slide right out of the room without any damage. They know when they need to remove the legs and when it is better to leave them on.


Pool Table Movers And Pool Table Moving CompaniesPool Table Movers And Pool Table Moving Companies

Another important thing good pool table movers are able to do, that many people don’t consider, is pack and transport the pool table safely. Some people just take pool tables and set them in a truck, either on their legs or leaning up against something. This can quickly cause damage to the pool table because of any bouncing or moving caused by the truck driving down the road. Protecting the pool table during the move is one of the most important things to think about during a move and a good mover will know exactly how to do it.

Once the billiard table has been moved from the old house to the new one, it has to be set back up and checked to make sure there is nothing wrong. Most pool table movers will be able to quickly set the pool table in place and check to ensure it is completely level, so the balls won’t roll improperly during a game. Checking the felt for any imperfections after the move is also done directly after the move, so any unexpected issues can be addressed right away. Of course, a quick count of the balls to ensure none were misplaced should be done at this time as well.

The Process Of Pool Table Movers And Pool Table Moving Companies

The whole process of moving a pool table can be very difficult and even dangerous. For most people who have not had proper experience and training in moving billiard tables, it is not advisable to attempt to move them on their own. Hiring a professional pool table mover is well worth the price and will actually save you money since you won’t have to waste time repairing a damaged pool table.

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