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Apartment Movers And Apartment Moving Companies

Apartment Movers And Apartment Moving CompaniesApartment Movers And Apartment Moving CompaniesWhether you’re moving from your apartment to a new one, moving from a house to an apartment or just want to clear up a little space, we’re the apartment movers for the job. Moving can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming event. With so many different things to take care of before your move date, it’s understandable that you may need a little help from professionals who handle this situation every single day. That’s where we come in!

If you are moving long distances, we recommend that you use long distance moving companies rather than apartment movers.

Tips From Professional Apartment Movers

Let’s go over a few tips that will help you get your apartment ready for moving day. Start by removing all wall-hanging items and check for nails or tacks that may be sticking out. If you’re renting your apartment, your landlord is not going to appreciate those. On that note, you may want to take care of any holes as well. Most landlords and leasing companies are also strict about the apartment being clean when the keys are turned in. So make sure to clean, mop and sweep all the floors and shelves. But we’ve only just cleared the walls, so we’re not quite there yet.

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You’re going to need lots of moving boxes. Load up each one with items that you want to end up in the same place at your new apartment. Don’t put your kitchen utensils in the same box as your summer clothes, or you’ll have a tough time finding them when you’ve arrived hungry at your new home. Next, label all the boxes with a general description of their contents and the rooms that they’re supposed to be in. That will help your apartment movers know where to put each box when they’re unloading the moving truck into your new apartment.

Once everything is in boxes and the apartment is clean, you’re ready for the apartment movers to come over and load everything into their truck. When you’re scheduling your move, make sure you inform the movers of everything that may be an obstacle to them. Tell them which floor of the building you’re on, the widths of your doorways, whether there’s a doorman, an elevator, a back door, a service entrance or anything else that may become an issue. You don’t want your couch to get stuck in the front door of the building because you didn’t tell your movers about the double-wide back door. If you have special items, such as pool table or a piano you might also need to hire pool table movers and piano moving companies.

If you have an elevator, your building is likely to have wall padding that attaches to the elevator doors and prevents your possessions, and the elevator walls, from getting damaged due to the inevitable bumps and scrapes. So let your building manager or landlord know when you’re planning to move out so that they could prepare.

If you’ve done all these things, everything should go smoothly. As long as you’ve hired quality apartment movers, like us, you can relax and watch your new home get filled with all your possessions. Fill out our quote form today and find out just how easy and affordable your apartment move can be!


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