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Relocation Services, Employee Relocation and Corporate Relocation ServicesRelocation Services, Employee Relocation and Corporate Relocation ServicesIf you work at a large company, or if you’re a Human Resources professional, you may already be familiar with the intricacies of relocation services, also known as corporate relocation or employee relocation. For those who may not have yet encountered a situation in which an employer arranges the relocation of employees to a new home, the process is fairly simple.

Relocation services are provided by a business when it is necessary to move an employee and his or her family to a new location. This is common among government and military jobs, in which employees are often assigned a temporary contract or assignment in a particular location before being transferred to the next destination. But employee moving does not happen exclusively in government positions; it’s also common practice for companies to set up relocation services for employees when a new position or opportunity opens up, when a department of the business is being moved, a new branch is being opened or when the entire company is setting up operations elsewhere.

Corporate Relocation And Employee Relocation Services

The corporate moving process is usually handled by a company’s human resources department or by human resources consultants hired from outside. While some moving companies are experienced in dealing with corporate relocations, not all movers are capable of carrying them out seamlessly and professionally. Generally, only a full service moving company will take on an employee moving job, while a smaller, less experienced mover would have to pass on such an opportunity.

Agencies offering relocation services exist in order to assist people in finding a new home, securing necessary documents such as work visas, seeking out schools for kids and even finding employment for the spouses of the employees being transferred. In cases of international relocation, relocation agencies also do their best to find language courses to ease the transition into an environment in which a different language is spoken and a different culture is practiced as well as international movers to help you with your relocation.

As your chosen moving company, we are seasoned corporate, office and executive relocation services experts. There is no need for you to hire an outside agency to administrate the process. Whether you need to move a single employee across town or an entire department across the country, we will help you make the experience an easy one. We understand that in a potentially stressful time, you need professionals who really know what they’re doing, while keeping your costs to a reasonable minimum. You will receive an estimate of all expenses in advance, so there will be no surprises during or after your journey is complete.

If you’re moving to a new city, a new state or even a new country – or if you’re an employer looking for the best way to relocate your employees, you can feel secure in trusting us with taking care of all your needs for relocation services. After all, we do this for a living! Fill out our FREE quote form and get off to a great start!